Our Domestic Solar Power System – Specifications

Domestic solar power system

Domestic solar power system


These are the specifications of our system. It is not a system which should be copied because it is a system which was inherited and then added to. If I was designing it from scratch I would make different decisions. The most important thing when designing a solar system is to buy enough battery power because it is very difficult to mix old batteries with new batteries. You may notice in the photo above that there are 3 charge controllers with 3 sets of panels. This does not seem to be a problem.

For a lot of the time it serves 7 people with a swimming pool pump, fridge, freezer etc. If the sun is shining I can boil water in a kettle. 

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System Voltage: 24V

Solar Panels:

  • 2 X 125 watt panels. Connected to a Leo Atersa charge controller
  • 3 X 190 watt panels. Connected to Victron MPPT  charge controller
  • 1 X 300 watt panel + 2 X 190 watt panels Connected to Solener PWM charge controller

Batteries: 24 volt system

12 of the following battery cells

Classic 5 OPzS 380 2v Solar Liquid Cell
Voltage: 2V
Capacity: 380Ah @ c120

This should provide 9.1 Kwh (1000 watts for 9 hours)

Inverter: Victron 24 volt 2000 watts. LVC 28.8 volts
For the washing machine: Atersa 750 watt.

Battery charger Tudor 30amps.

Honda 2500 watts
Honda 450 + 900 watts dual.


Leo charge controller