Losing weight with vegetarian food

Cutting up vegetables

Cutting up vegetables

We had a very pleasant Canadian vegetarian visitor to stay for 3 weeks, her name is Hannah. As an experiment we decided to be vegetarian for the time of her stay. Sarah made a 21 day recipe plan with as many vegetarian dishes as she could think of. 

Rather than feeling deprived for the 3 weeks we actually thought that vegetarian food was really tasty.  One of the most interesting aspects was that we started to lose weight with no effort. Steve, another visitor lost 3 kilos and I lost 2 kilos. We drank wine most nights and ate to almost bursting point several times. 

So after this experiment we have decided to become flexitarians. That is vegetarians who only eat meat occasionally. If you actually investigate the facts it is a wonder why most of us are not vegetarians.

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