Chocolate frigerator cake

This is another recipe for the cherry season. Because I was making it for the party, I used one of those aluminium trays from Mercadona for two packs of chocolate.  Any mixed fruit will do – cranberries, cherries, walnuts, nuts, dried apricots, raisins, etc. and you basically add the amount below or as much/many as you think the chocolate will take. You can also do it with milk chocolate if you prefer. The quantities in brackets are the measurements for the party and for two packs of chocolate.

350g (500g) plain chocolate
150g (215g) unsalted butter
175g (250g) digestive biscuits – broken with a rolling pin in a bag into small pieces
300g (428g) mixed fruit.

Melt chocolate and butter. Add everything. Put in tin. Put in fridge. Eat.