Solar Drier made from chimney tube

I had spend a lot of time looking at very complex home-made solar food driers on internet. Most of them consist of a black area which heats up the air. The hot air dry then flows over the food to extract the moisture.

I realised that a very quick free version can be achieved just using a back tube and a metal colander. The air heats up in the tube and then passes through the holes in the colander.

This drierĀ  can dry out a couple of apples in about 6 hours. It is a bit unstable and can easilly be knocked over. A good variation would be to use several black tubes taped together with a big cardboard box on top.

1 thought on “Solar Drier made from chimney tube

  1. I suggest putting a large black inner tube around it at the bottom; it will be more stable and heat quickly.

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