The Wagtail’s Nest


Wagtail’s Nest: 27th April 2013

We have had a wagtail’s nest  in one of the windows behind the geraniums. It is hard to know what type of wagtail laid the eggs because she always flies away very quickly. There are about 5 eggs in the nest. 

pied wagtail's nest and chicks

Wagtail’s nest: 12th May 2013

The chicks hatched on 11th May 2013 after about 2 weeks. Today when I opened the curtains they were all there waiting with their mouths open.

The most amazing thing about the birds was the colour of their beaks and the size of their big black eyes in relation to the rest of their head.

wagtail nest with chicks

Wagtail’s nest: 21st May 2013

On 25th May 2013, the bird had flown the nest and there was no sight nor sound of them.