Chick update: chicks are two months old today

young chicks

Chicks after 8 weeks

It was only when I looked at photos of when the chicks had hatched that I realised that they were born exactly 2 months ago today (27th May 2013).

I have now taken the rooster back to the neighbour and the three older chickens keep the young ones in check.

A couple of the young male chickens have already started play-fighting but it’s not serious and they soon get bored.

The total count is 4 females and 5 males so I’m really pleased: the whole point of increasing the flock of laying hens has been achieved.

8-week-old chicks

Chicks at 8 weeks: female on the left, males in the centre and on the right

Because I was going to be getting some more eating chickens we cleaned out and disinfected the greenhouse in preparation. However, the shop won’t be getting eating chickens in until the middle of August.

I’ve closed the door to the greenhouse and yesterday the chicks ventured inside for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Chick update: chicks are two months old today

  1. Hi, I just got similar looking chicks from a friend and he was unsure what kind or breed they are. What type are your little ones? Thanks.

    • Hi, The original hens were Black Rock – a hybrid cross between a Rhode Island Red cockerel and a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. They were then bred with the neighbour’s white-eared black cockerel. So I’m not sure what breed they were eventually. The two females that are still alive two years later both have white ears and are still laying well.

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