Note: Postage is free on orders over 10 euros. Olive oil is not shippable. 
Every Thursday (maybe 60 years ago) the previous owner of our farm Paco would load  his donkey up with all his sale-able wares and set off at dawn with his family to market day in the nearest town.  He would return at sunset hopefully with a few coins and other goods which he had bought or swapped at market day. This is 2021 and this shopping cart  is our version of market day. As we are in lock down and all our income streams have been cut off due to COVID I have decided to try to sell some products from our farm. The most easily shippable products are seeds. Over the years we have grown a lot of vegetables and the seeds on sale are the "success almost guaranteed" variety. As you can see most of the seeds cost 2 euros and there is free shipping on orders over 9 euros.  So most people should order at least 5 packets of seeds to get a good deal. All products are organic. The idea is to be able to send all products in small envelopes which can be put into a normal post box in the village without going to the post office or waiting in queues or using courier firms. I don't imagine that we will make much money out of this but at least it will give me a buzz if we get any orders and you will be able to grow the same things that have given us a lot of pleasure. Almost all commerce these days is controlled by amazon it would be nice if small producers could sell each other stuff without most of the profit going to the billionaires.