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2020 Lucky Dip
Product ID: 2020-luck

Product Description

Every year we sit at the table and cut up tomatoes for storage in bottles or for sun drying. As we cut them we get lots of excess seeds which we dry out and keep for future years. 

The lucky dip represents about 10 different types of tomatoes. I normally only grow heirloom varieties and seeds I have obtained from neighbors or seed swaps. 

The idea is that you sow them and grow them. In a process of random selection you decide which tomatoes you like best and you can save the seeds and grow more of that variety the year afterwards.  I always plant 20 or 30 random tomatoes. 

I can't guarantee exactly which varieties they are but you will be certain to get many different types of tomatoes. 

Product Specifications
Height 200cm
Number of Seeds 100 per packet
Genetic Origin Heirloom
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Categories: Seeds Tomatoes

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