Pizzas in the Bread Oven

pizzas in the bread ovenWe’ve now more or less perfected the art of cooking pizzas in the bread oven. I buy the dough from the baker’s in the village. One kilo of dough costs 1.50 euros and for a hungry person, 185g is generally the right amount of pizza. It’s always a good idea to do a couple extra just in case anyone wants seconds. The idea is for each person to assemble their own pizza.

Putting Pizzas in the oven

Putting Pizzas in the oven

The first step is to prepare all the topping ingredients: chopped onions, green peppers and red peppers, sliced mushrooms and garlic, shredded anchovies, ham, salami, etc., oregano, grated cheese and the tomato sauce.

The next step is to weigh and roll out the pizzas as thin as possible. The pizzas are rolled directly onto vegetable paper. The choice of paper is important as the pizzas are cooked on the paper in the oven. As the temperature of the oven is extremely hot, the paper must be able to put up with at least 400ºC. We had a bad experience with some greaseproof paper once and the paper welded itself onto the paper. Not a pleasant gourmet experience.

Roughly cut round the paper. The paper will burn when the pizzas are in the oven so it is a good idea to get rid of as much paper as possible.

Making Pizzas

making Pizzas

Smear the pizzas with tomato sauce and then add the toppings.

The ideal temperature for cooking the pizzas seems to be somewhere between 300ºC and 350ºC. They literally take three minutes to cook and should be turned half way through to ensure that they cook evenly.