Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar

Although they sound like strange bedfellows, strawberries and balsamic vinegar go really well together.

balsamic vinegar
brown sugar

Hull the strawberries and cut into smaller pieces if they are large.Sprinkle over a couple of dessertspoons of brown sugar and a good splash of balsamic vinegar. Mix well. It’s a good idea to leave for at least 30 minutes so that the vinegar draws out the strawberry juice.



Rice pudding made with goats’ milk

Rice pudding with goats' milk

Rice pudding with goats’ milk

2 litres goats’ milk
1 large cinnamon stick
1 orange, remove peel into strips
4 heaped dessert spoons sugar
300g pudding rice

Gently heat the milk in a saucepan until just below boiling point. Turn down and add the cinnamon and sugar and stir well until the sugar has dissolved. Add the strips of orange peel and sprinkle in the rice. Stir well. Simmer for 25-30 minutes or until the rice is cooked.

Divide the rice pudding into small bowls and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on each one. Serve with strawberry jam.

Vanilla ice-cream made with goats’ milk

Vanilla ice-cream made with goats' milk

Vanilla ice-cream made with goats’ milk

2 cups goat milk
2 vanilla pods, split and scraped
3 egg yolks
2 teaspoons cornflour
1/3 cup sugar

Gently heat the milk in a saucepan with the vanilla pods.

Whisk the sugar, egg yolks and cornflour for 2 minutes.

Pour some of the heated milk over the egg mixture, whisking well. Pour in the rest of the milk and then return to the pan.

Continue to heat the mixture for about 10 minutes until it has thickened and it coats the back of a wooden spoon.

You can either use an ice-cream maker or put the mixture in a container in the freezer and whisk well every 30 minutes or so to stop ice crystals forming.

Almond chocolate fondant puddings

Joe made these to finish off a great meal and they were delicious. They use ground almonds and cornflour instead of normal flour.

Chocolate fondant pudding

250g dark chocolate (70%)
110g unsalted butter
80g ground almonds
4 eggs, separated
80g cornflour
180g caster sugar

Line your ramekins with chocolate shavings (80g out of the total 250g of chocolate) or sprinkle with cocoa powder and use 170g of dark chocolate for the recipe.

Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Add the butter, cornflour, ground almonds and four egg yolks.

Whisk the egg whites until they are stiff. Gradually incorporate the sugar and then gently fold in the chocolate mixture.

Pour into the moulds and bake in a 180ºC oven for 15 minutes or until set.

If you like, you can half-fill the ramekins and put a surprise in the middle (chocolate truffle, chocolate button, strawberry) and fill with the other half.


Roast pears

This was made with the winter pears that we grow on the cortijo. The pears have got a fantastic taste but are quite hard so they are perfect for roasting. The original idea was to make a pear tarte tatin but this proved difficult with the puff pastry you can get in Spain and also the fluctuating temperatures of the bread oven. In the end, we decided that the pear were nicer on their own.

Serves 2

2 large pears
6 green cardamom pods
25g brown sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon Kirsch liqueur

Crush the cardamom pods in a pestle and mortar and remove the husks. Add the sugar and grind up.

Put the lemon juice and liqueur in a bowl. Quarter and core the pears, adding them to the bowl as you go.

Put the pears and their juice into an oven-proof dish and mix with the sugar. Cover with foil and bake in the oven at 190ºC for about 20-30 minutes or until you can pierce them easily with a knife.