What we are offering.
Full-board accommodation in a remote Eco Farmstay with organic produce

Option 1: Accommodation for hikers on the Camino between Guadix and Granada
Guadix to Granada is 65km and is usually a 3 day hike. The most common way of incorporating our Farmstay into the Camino is to start off in the centre of Guadix. There is then a 27 km hike with an uphill of 712m to arrive at our farm. The route is HERE. When you continue walking, the route is HERE. If that sounds too strenuous, you could stay at the Spa Hotel in Baños de Graena CLICK HERE which is 12km from Guadix. The next day, you would walk down to the village of Quéntar and you would arrive in Granada the following day. We offer a pick up service if you or one of your companions is not fit enough.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
On a hike near Granada

Option 2: De-stress relaxation - recharge your batteries
We are in the middle of nowhere and maybe 4 or 5 cars go past each day. You can spend your time reading books, lazing around, listening to the birds, etc. There are lots of walks in the vicinity. All our food is very healthy and delicious.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Chilling after a hard day's lounging around the pool.

Option 3: Learn about Eco Living
All our enegy is generated by solar power and the hot water is heated by the sun. We are very knowledgeable about gardening, food storage, soap making, breadmaking, olive farming, alternative technologies, automation, solar power etc. If you want to find out if your dream of living off-grid in Spain is a good idea, come and experience it for yourself. Sarah has many years of experience dealing with Spanish bureaucracy if you need advice.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
The green house project

Option 4: Escape from the Summer heat
The summer heat in Spain in July and August can be unbearable. We are at an altitude of 1300 metres. It is much cooler than many places in Spain with dry mountain air. The temperature in the summer is often over 10ºC cooler than the coast. It is still quite hot around 16:00 but it is much more bearable. No AC is necessary. Hang out by the pool and eat amazing organic food - much better than even the most expensive restaurant.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Water volleyball in the 10m x 5m x 1.2m pool

Option 5 : Base for a hiking holiday
Sarah and I are walk leaders of walking groups around Granada and on the coast. We go out hiking most Sundays and you can come with us if you are with us on a Sunday. We normally have 25-30 people on our walks. We organise our public walks using Facebook groups. If you want to see the type of walk we do, look at SENDERISMO EN GRANADA, a mainly Spanish group with walks around Granada. Sexisenderistas. A group which do walks near the coast of Granada. Just tell us what you want and we'll see what we can do.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
This hike is in August at over 2000m where it is still cool.

Option 6+ : Whatever you can imagine
There are hundred of possibilities. Just use your imagination. What is your dream holiday? Maybe we could provide it.

Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Mel reading a book.

There are 3 meals per day:
A midday meal served between 14:00 and 14:45 (see more info below)
An evening meal - served between 20:00 and 21:00.
Breakfast: Mueseli, tea, coffee, etc. (self-service)

The meals (except for breakfast) are eaten around a large table with whoever is at the farm.
Making Pizza - cortijo de la plata
Making Pizzas. Everyone adds their own topping

CLICK HERE if you want to see the comments written by previous guests.

If you are interested in coming here, we need to know your arrival date, the number of nights you would like to stay and the number of people. You also need to write a small description of what you want.

You can contact us using WhatsApp (+34657751442).


Accommodation always includes full board.
Full board and accommodation :
1 person: 100 euros per day
2 people: 120 euros per day
3 people: 150 euros per day
4 people: 175 euros per day

There are 2 houses:
Note: The CASITA is a small apartment which may be suitable for someone writing a book, an artist or someone vacation-working. The lounge of the casita is also used for breadmaking and soapmaking.

Full board consists of:
Breakfast: We provide the ingredients for breakfast but we don't prepare breakfast. We don't normally eat breakfast together. The mueseli is our own home-made mix of oats and organic produce from the farm and usually contains walnuts, almonds, dried figs, dried fruit such as cherries, pears, strawberries, goji berries, etc. The mueseli has no added sugar. There is a photo of the museli HERE.
We also provide milk, tea, coffee. Note: We don't normally supply bread.

Midday Meal:
This is the main meal of the day.
It is between 14:15 and 14:45.
We eat together with whoever is at the cortijo. Sarah is a good cook and we try to incorporate as much of our own produce as possible. We don't tend to eat much meat.
Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Some vegetarian meals

Evening Meal:
This is a lighter snack meal
It is between 20:00 and 21:00.
We often eat healthy soups.
Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Paella with Nick and Fiona. Hiding from their high stress executive lifestyle.

We eat all meals (except breakfast) together with whoever is at the cortijo.
We can cook vegetarian if you wish.
You need to tell us before you come here if you have any food allergies or things you can't eat.
There is no refund if you don't want to eat.
You must tell us if you are not going to eat with us (for example, if you go on an excursion).
The swimming pool is warm enough for most people between mid-June and mid-September. At that time, the temperature is over 24ºC rising to about 32ºC in August.

The accommodation is in one of the two houses:

Sheets and towels are included.

To see what sort of food we cook, have a look at our BLOG.
We have a YOUTUBE Channel HERE.
We don't really use Instagram very much but we have a page CLICK HERE.
There are also some things on TikTok CLICK HERE.

Transportation: These prices are based on taxi prices. You could come here without a car.
Granada Airport - Cortijo 160 euros
Malaga Airport - Cortijo 240 euros
Guadix - Cortijo 80 euros
The nearest village 6km - 25 euros
If you get tired of walking, we offer a rescue service.
Baños de Graena 12km - 32 euros
Purullena 15km - 37 euros
Quéntar 30 km - 60 euros
Farmstay - cortijo de la plata
Taking the girls down for their spa treatment in Graena.
Excursions: Hikes and walks: We have been on hundreds of walks around this area and we can advise you on where to go according to what you fancy. If you want, we can take you on a guided walk which we may charge for. The price would depend on if we have to drive, etc. Here is a list of our hikes

Here are some ideas for excursions: Guided tour of the Alhambra plus transport - A trip to Granada - A trip to a cheese factory Guadix Cave Museum - Go for a swim in a lake - Thermal baths

Miscellaneous Prices -
Our Eco Wine - 5 euros (75cl bottle)
Special Meals: We can do special meals as a special option. You would have to tell us what you want. Here are some ideas:
We have an outside eating area under the big tree with a maxium capacity for about 8.
Wood-fired pizzas: We all make pizzas and then cook them in the oven. Everyone dresses their own pizza.
Paella: We make a paella under the big tree.
Things that we sell:
Our organic olive oil soap: 3 euros per bar
Our extra virgin olive oil: 10 euros per litre
Almonds or walnuts: Cracked or uncracked

Other abilities that we have:
Speak Spanish at advanced level.
Spanish English translator.
Website design and experts on web hosting putting up website, etc.
Good knowledge of alternative technologies.