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  1. Hy

    My Name is Nora, 32 years old, from Switzerland. I was Nurse in psychiatrical hospitals, actually i took a sabbatical year. I travelled in Costa Rica, Nicaragua (did some work in a hostel, aid kitchen for accomodation and Food) and did also some wwoofing in south of France (vegetables, fruits, sorbet, horse caring etc).
    In General i m experienced in wwoofing on organic farms (France, Italy, Switzerland and im interested in Degrowth (i m going to the congress in Leipzig tomorrow) and Permaculture (in the beginning).
    I lived in Switzerland with my 2 poneys on organic farms.
    I m arriving the 12 of September in Granada in the morning. Do you Need help at this time?
    I will take the Ferry the 27 of September in Almeria with some friends from Switzerland direction Marocco.

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