Cherry cheesecake

A recipe for the cherry season.
The measurements are bit more complicated as they depend on the size of your tin. A normal-sized round one needs about 1 pack Philadelphia and 1 of those Danome semicircular pots of Greek yoghurt. As I was making two cheesecakes for the party, I was using two 28cm tins which took 2 tubs of each. What I normally do is put whole biscuits in the tin to see how many I need more or less and then crush those, adding enough melted butter so that they hold together. It’s best to make it the day before you need it to allow the base to set.

hobnob biscuits
squeeze honey

1 tub Philadelphia light
1 tub Greek yoghurt
squeeze lemon juice
grated lemon zest of 1 lemon
spoon icing sugar

spoon of jam (same flavour as fruit)

Crush biscuits to crumbs and mix with melted butter and squeeze of honey. Press down into tin with a potato masher. Leave to cool and harden completely in the fridge.
Beat cheesecake ingredients together. Keep cool and smooth over base when base has hardened.
Melt jam and add fruit, mixing over a heat to soften fruit slightly. Leave to cool.
It’s best to put the cheese mixture on the base the night before and then put the fruit on just before serving.