Increasing the flock

The chickens seem happy to be back at the cortijo after their winter break and are still laying 2 or 3 eggs a day. I’ve decided to try and get some more chickens to increase my flock . Rather than buying them, I thought it would be better to try and rear them myself so have borrowed one of the neighbour’s roosters. In theory, it seems easy but only time will tell and I’m sure it’s going to be a bit more difficult than I thought at first.

Here is the picture of the rooster:

2013-04-07 09.09.28This is the first day so I collected the three eggs that the hens had laid.

The rooster showed absolutely no interest in any of the chickens. The only action was when the red-breasted, feisty chicken went for him and he reared himself as if to fight but then just ran away.