Making sausages

pork sausages

Pork sausages

INGREDIENTS (makes about 42 sausages):
2kg shoulder of pork (magro de cerdo)
500g belly pork (panceta)
400g rusk/sausage seasoning mix
600g water

Mince the meat and fat using a 5mm mincer blade.

Using your hands, work the fat well into the meat. Butchers say that you will need to work the mixture until your hands ache, then until your arms ache and then until your shoulders ache. This process is important, however, for the texture of the sausages.

Sprinkle over the rusk and seasoning mixture, add the water and continue working with your hands. At this stage, you can then pass the mixture through the mincer a second time to ensure a more uniform texture.

sausage meat mixture

Sausage meat mixture

If you are using natural casings, you will need to soak them in warm water for about 30 minutes and then run cold water through them to rinse them thoroughly. Once they are soft and pliable, feed them onto the mincing nozzle.

Fitting hog casings onto nozzle

Fitting hog casings onto nozzle

Make the sausages. It is easier to make one long sausage first and then form this into individual sausages later.

You can either link the sausages into groups of three to form a string of sausages or squeeze and twist each individual sausage. Spread out the sausages on a plastic tray in a single layer and freeze. Check after a couple of hours that they haven’t stuck together and then bag.

Finished pork sausages

Finished pork sausages