Making migas with stale bread

Making migas with stale bread

Migas are fried stale breadcrumbs and while they do not sound particularly appetising they are in fact delicious and are served in many bars and restaurants in Southern Spain generally as a tapa. This is peasant food at its best: cheap, simple and tasty, using up left-overs and store cupboard inrgedients.

While most of the bread is fried as migas, some pieces are kept back and fried in oil as croutons. These can then be combined with the final dish to add a bit of texture.

There are several different ways of cooking migas and you can either use stale breadcrumbs from yesterday’s loaf or semolina.

Normal ingredients to add are garlic, chorizo or longaniza sausage (a thinner version of chorizo), green peppers, sardines, etc.). They can then be served with chunks of cold melon.

2 stale loaves of bread
4-5 cloves garlic, chopped
2-3 long green peppers, cut into strips
chorizo or longaniza sausage, cut into small pieces

Cut or tear the bread into fairly small pieces. Put in large bowl and sprinkle over some water.

Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan. First fry the larger chunks of bread as croutons. When they are crispy, transfer to a plate.

Fry the chopped garlic in the same oil, removing the pan when softened.

Add the pieces of chorizo or longaniza and fry until cooked. Remove.

Fry the green pepper in the same oil and then transfer to the plate.

Recipe for migas

Ingredients for migas

Add a bit more oil if necessary to the pan and add the bread. With a wooden spatula, turn the breadcrumbs, breaking them up into smaller pieces as they are fried. The finished dish will resemble breadcrumbs.

frying spanish migs

Frying Spanish migas

Combine all the ingredients and serve.