Ninja AF400 Air Fryer – Recipes

On this page, I plan to keep a record of my ways of cooking different recipes, foods and vegetables in the Ninja AF400 Air Fryer.

We only had a small air fryer before but now thanks to the new electrical system, we have finally changed from gas to induction and are now the proud owners of a Ninja Air Fryer.

You first need to choose the cooking programme:

At the moment, I’m learning what each setting and programme is for so it’s a bit of a learning curve at the moment.

From what it seems, each of the above options comes with a recommended temperature and time setting.

The idea is to keep a record of what I’ve cooked and how so that hopefully, I won’t keep making the same mistakes and can repeat recipes that have worked.

You then choose the TEMPERATURE and the TIME and press start,


Thinly slice the aubergines into 5mm slices. Arrange the aubergine slices on the crisper plate in the drawer. 

Set to AIR FRY at 200ºC and cook for 10 minutes. Transfer each batch to a bowl while you cook the next lot.

Sprinkle with salt and toss with oil.

Just before you are going to eat, put all the aubergine slices back in the draw and cook on MAX CRISP (240ºC) for 5 minutes.



Choose 1 medium-sized potato per person. Arrange on the crisper plate in the drawer.

Cook on BAKE 190ºC for 30 minutes and then AIR FRY 200ºC for 20 minutes. Turn the potatoes half-way through the cooking time.

Leave in the drawer to keep warm until you are ready to eat them



Prepare the potatoes in the morning. Soak the chips in a bowl with water for about an hour and then transfer to a colander to drain.

When they are dry, return the chips to a bowl and drizzle over some olive oil, coating well.

Cook on AIR FRY 170ºC for 20 minutes and then AIR FRY 200ºC for 10 minutes. Leave the chips in the drawer until you are almost ready to eat and then cook on MAX CRISP 240ºC for 5 minutes. Shake the chips every 10 minutes while they are cooking.